Wednesday, July 27, 2005

No News Good News?

I'm glad God is in charge because more bad news is not news to Him. But it is to me. I am a little bummed that there's a lot to deal with at the same time, but these too shall pass. In case I was too focused on the wedding and all the projects around the house, there are the health issues with the dads, then, there's this church thing, and now there's the doctor's report. So, since I don't want stitches or a scar for the wedding pictures, I'm going to put off having a little surgery on my face for a month or so.

We are hoping for good news soon about my father in-law. He was to have come to his grandson's wedding, but he is recovering slowly from two heart surgeries. So, right now, no news is just no news. A few months from now it will be so nice to look back at how God brought us through each day. By then, I'll have wedding pictures to look at, too!

Thursday, July 21, 2005


Torchwood was started as a group blog for a women's leadership team. This post is by Susan:

I've been thinking about Jenny's Aim and Shoot and it occurred to me that you can aim and shoot on a subject, then change the target, focus, perspective, settings, effects and your subject is suddenly something entirely different.

I have to do this. I aim and shoot and suddently something unexpected is obscuring my view. Where do I place my focus? I can't get to my original subject - this gommy thing is in my way! Can't ignore it - have to deal.

So I start to think, "What is this behemoth ?" (I like that word, but I want to spell it my own way - as if it something Bohemian, which I also like.) I can hate it because it is blocking my sights. I can ignore it and then I'm helpless to move off the spot because I am at its mercy. Or, I can look at it objectively, without hate or annoyance, and study it for what it is.

It has some interesting nuances then. Penetrating eyes. Sharp edges. A fuzzy top. And even some warmth. Warmth? How can that be? Easy - I just changed to backlit and there it is!

OK, it may be a stretch, but it's not going anywhere soon, so I might as well see what's there for me in the meantime.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Aim and Shoot

What was I thinking when I lifted my camera up to my face? Probably that I wished I could capture the feeling of the view from the screened porch looking out to the dock and lake. It's pretty hard to convey what you experience on several levels with just a snapshot. I was experiencing memories along with what my senses were perceiving. If you were there your impressions might have been different or even indifferent. I could turn slightly and the contents in my viewfinder would change. What I focus on largely determines my perspective. My son captures a chameleon and holds it for a picture. The rain sweeps across the lake, coming down in sheets, hurriedly brought inland by hurricane Dennis. Tall trees shelter both sides of the house. Looking up into them makes me smile. Boys becoming men, jump off the railing of the dock into opaque muddy brown water. Sizzling chunks of golden Appaloosa catfish are hauled out of the fryer. A man prepares a strong drink and sits in his chair on the porch. The cicadas shrill vibrations grow louder as the muggy air becomes steamy. I am both present and with my past. What will I focus on? That will determine my perspective. Zoom in. Zoom out.