Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Aim and Shoot

What was I thinking when I lifted my camera up to my face? Probably that I wished I could capture the feeling of the view from the screened porch looking out to the dock and lake. It's pretty hard to convey what you experience on several levels with just a snapshot. I was experiencing memories along with what my senses were perceiving. If you were there your impressions might have been different or even indifferent. I could turn slightly and the contents in my viewfinder would change. What I focus on largely determines my perspective. My son captures a chameleon and holds it for a picture. The rain sweeps across the lake, coming down in sheets, hurriedly brought inland by hurricane Dennis. Tall trees shelter both sides of the house. Looking up into them makes me smile. Boys becoming men, jump off the railing of the dock into opaque muddy brown water. Sizzling chunks of golden Appaloosa catfish are hauled out of the fryer. A man prepares a strong drink and sits in his chair on the porch. The cicadas shrill vibrations grow louder as the muggy air becomes steamy. I am both present and with my past. What will I focus on? That will determine my perspective. Zoom in. Zoom out.


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