Monday, May 18, 2009

Souled out

branch obscuring sunset
I've been on a "soul sabbatical" down south for 2 and a half months. Having set aside time to reconnect with myself and God, hoping to recharge, refresh and get new direction, I will return to CO to in a week to rest from my "time of restoration!" This season has turned out to be anything but what I expected--with non-stop stress, unexpected activity and lack of alone time. Kind of like when I had 3 young children and my days were not exactly my own. It's the reverse end of the spectrum being with my elderly mom, where wisdom is needed to make many decisions and do lots of projects requiring physical and emotional energy. This week we are going through things to decide what to sell, what to keep, what to toss. Each item, no matter how small seems to have sentimental value and memories, so the job feels way bigger than just sorting and cleaning.

Hope to get back to Torchwood when I return. Sorry for the absence. If you email me I can share a link to another site related to my time away.


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