Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Not for Sale, the campaign to end slavery in our lifetime, launches Free2Work, a community of people and businesses committed to ending slavery in corporate supply chains. At Free2Work you can help ensure that companies you support are not taking part in slave labor. Look up a company or report a company and become an instigator of change.
It's time for every company to take The Pledge...
• To have zero tolerance for forced labor inside our company operation
• To develop an anti-slavery corporate policy
• To require all outsource suppliers and contractors to hold the same anti-slavery protocol
• To ensure that the providers of source materials for our products comply with our anti-slavery protocols.
• To monitor our company's compliance with all of the above, and responsibly address any violations.

See an amazing music video by RadioHead which contrasts two different lives: that of a free child (whose lifestyle looks a lot like most of "our" kids) and a slave labor child (whose life is perhaps spent producing some familiar products for the free child?) One boy paints a picture, the other paints glue onto a shoe liner.


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