Thursday, February 22, 2007

Love to color

This is old news now, but to celebrate the results of my MRIs I bought new pastels. If I'm going to be around a while I may as well do some art!


Some short updates:
My MRIs had normal results. Tom did not have a heart attack--just tests for one. On both accounts I am thankful. I am working hard on graphic design for web and print . I am studying my new book on CSS (web page styling.) I am happy about prospective work and new contacts. I am painting my friend's home office (and Tom is building shelves for it.) The same friend's husband has stage 4 cancer and was taken to the hospital a couple of days ago. She was awaiting surgery for a severe tear in her shoulder and recently re-injured it by falling and fracturing it (and her collarbone.) I am sad about their situation. It breaks my heart. I am happy that both of my sons living at home have jobs (that they didn't have a couple of months ago.) I am sad about some of the choices they are making.

I could continue listing contrasts in experiences and feelings. I guess that's what life is about, but it seems to be in the extreme during this season. Even our weather has been extreme. I'm a bit tired from it all. The word I picked for this new year was "stamina." That is proving to be right on. I believe God wants us to endure and He has the strength and grace we need for the journey every day, but we also need to have increasing stamina to endure long term.