Wednesday, July 27, 2005

No News Good News?

I'm glad God is in charge because more bad news is not news to Him. But it is to me. I am a little bummed that there's a lot to deal with at the same time, but these too shall pass. In case I was too focused on the wedding and all the projects around the house, there are the health issues with the dads, then, there's this church thing, and now there's the doctor's report. So, since I don't want stitches or a scar for the wedding pictures, I'm going to put off having a little surgery on my face for a month or so.

We are hoping for good news soon about my father in-law. He was to have come to his grandson's wedding, but he is recovering slowly from two heart surgeries. So, right now, no news is just no news. A few months from now it will be so nice to look back at how God brought us through each day. By then, I'll have wedding pictures to look at, too!


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