Sunday, January 07, 2007

Priceless slices of time

My oldest son and his wife are living in CA. He is awaiting news from places he's applied to grad school. They could end up anywhere across the U.S. It would be unlikely that we will be living near them. This past year gave us many times to be together as they were in CO for quite a few friends' weddings and we were in the Santa Barbara area once. Probably won't happen as much in the new year . I ran across an incredible idea about filling and exchanging journals here. What a labor of love and commitment. I am inspired to find a way (perhaps simplified?) that works for me to do something similar. Maybe I could include this photo at our favorite Thai restaurant (captured on my phone):

Saturday, January 06, 2007


What do snow-laden trees, Dersu Uzala, MRIs, CSS, and oil leaks have in common? Nothing--just so many not so random things I have been thinking about in the last few days. 3 storms hitting Denver, our next movie on Netflix that our kids got us a subscription to, a test I'll have next week, hours of tedious web design, and my son's VW bug which just got "fixed", would be the longer string of phrases. Imagine how many topics and thoughts run through our minds daily. Would it be fascinating or boring to have it all logged for review? If we could capture it would it be trumpery (*vocabulary from this week on my word a day calendar) or treasure? Sometimes I would like to be able to clear my mental cache of unnecessary data. Does all this folderol keep me from sleeping?

*trumpery- worthless nonsense; trivial or useless articles: junk