Monday, October 22, 2007

In shock still

In lasting memory of
B. Wilson Hamlett
January 23, 1928 - September 24, 2007

Just a few weeks ago I was on my way to FL with my parents for my dad to have a serious surgery. Performed by a specialist, it lasted 5 and a half hours and went well. We thought the worst was over. The week in the hospital that followed was wrenching at times. My dad was very uncomfortable, in pain, and got no rest. Insulin and blood pressure levels up and down, monitors, wires and tubes, progress and setbacks. This is the really cleaned-up version of what my mom, dad, and I experienced. I am still processing it.

I am thinking of doing an art piece about it because words are inadequate.

In spite of going through so much, my father was lucid and pleasant. For our little three-some it was a bonding time and we were really with each other. Something of a gift from God for me to hang on to. He didn't want us to leave Sunday night and told us a couple of times. I prayed aloud over him as we all held hands. He said he loved us. I said, "Have a good night." He answered, "I will." But, something went wrong in the early morning hours, and after 40 minutes of resuscitation efforts we got a call from a doctor that Daddy had died. We went home to GA that afternoon without him. Things had suddenly, irrevocably changed and we were on an unexpected new course-- a surreal one-- of caskets, funerals, and people. Lots of people. Maybe I will write more about that later.

Something that has touched me is the tremendous amount of honor and respect paid to my father by those in many different circles in which he moved. I include one such comment from the online guestbook. So many more are in my thoughts.
"Mr. H was one of the finest gentlemen that God has placed on this earth. Mr. H always handled himself with utmost Dignity. I have never seen him lose his cool or become derailed in all the time I worked for him. He was always perfectly in control and his appearance was always sharp. Mr. H loaned me the down payment for my first home back in the early 90's. I promptly paid him back, however I would not have been able to purchase that home had it not been for him. I am sure his hair on the back of his neck would stand up if he knew I told this. I always loved his stories of his youth. I will miss him. My love to Mrs. H and Family."