Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Help Wanted

I love Advent
Wanted: relief from discontent.
Wanted: patience and perspective.
Wanted: joy and peace.

Plenty is happening in our world to cause anxiety. The globe is racked with the pain of injustice, poverty, environmental concerns, health conditions, and lack of peace. I want to know the best ways to enter into God's redemptive solutions. I don't want to be indifferent, nor do I want to be paralyzed by discouragement and fear. Because I suffer from perfectionism I can be acutely aware of things that are not quite "right." When things go south I want to fix them. Now. Personally, there are places in my own emotional and physical geography that are out of whack and beyond my control. But should there be such discontent in my soul? Is there a way to be present, stay involved, and remain hopeful? Here's where the wisdom of Advent needs to take effect. Here's where I need some sacred time each day to help in my heart's preparation. Perhaps in time it will even lead to sorting things out.

My mind and my heart need you, God.
Help me to prepare for your coming.
As I wait and become aware of my longing,
Guide me to a place of internal silence
And help me to listen for you, God.
Remind me that you came into the world
At a very bleak time, and that you are
Still coming into the world.


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