Monday, November 10, 2008

Zambia trip

Tom is with a team of 10 in Zambia visiting sites with Global Orphan Relief (see previous post.) They will all pitch in to work on any community projects related to water systems, building, etc. His main job, though, is to interview and video the orphans and those who are working with and caring for them. He will also be documenting the local scenery and culture. He was asked to be ready to play guitar to accompany singing. He used to do this at our home group years ago, but hasn't for a long time. I'm sure he will have other stretching experiences as well during his time in the bush!  They are unable to contact us during this part of the trip. Just pray everything goes smoothly, for health and safety for all, and for Tom to be able to capture the stories that need to be told. He will use the visual and audio resources he gathers to produce a video piece on the work in Zambia after he returns home.


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