Monday, July 21, 2008

These women rock

I finally treated myself to the last few pages of She got Up Off the Couch. This funky emotionally resonant mini-nostalgia-break took my thoughts to a place "previous, previous, previous" as Van Morrison says. Before laptops, technical problems, deadlines and decisions in general. Back to when life was about other things. My mom is here visiting and there are plenty of present and future things to be concerned with. Sigh. We've been busying ourselves all over town as well as getting things done around home.  I still have design and web work to keep up with, so I am kind of frazzled. (I frazzled myself getting the guest room ready before she even got here.)

Since I haven't had time to write any new posts here, I want to refer you to a couple of new friends on my side bar. If you have not visited Phyllis (sophie's press) and Ellen (theology from the margins) you are in for a treat. These women rock. They will make you think, challenge you not to think, encourage you to do something, and encourage you to just be. Get a dose of truth. Enjoy!


Blogger Susan said...

Thanks for the referrals, and I look forward to your speedy return!

8:25 PM  

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