Wednesday, June 11, 2008


In our new series at The Refuge we are exploring the mystery and beauty of the trinity. I composed a still life altar of 3 glass heads with white lights inside. They sit atop mirrored circles. This week they faced each other. Karl used a Chagall-esque painting to illustrate how our perspective affects what we think we see and what we think we believe. When I viewed it up close I could see the paint glazed onto the canvas, colors, details, and symbols. From across the room I was able to see the whole picture, more of the story and meaning. Scriptures which talk about the trinity--God, three in one, leave us with mystery and a larger reality than our minds can grasp. The picture is bigger than a single brushstroke or symbol and there is always more to understand. More to appreciate. The next few weeks will give me a chance to think about the trinity in new ways. Is God male or female? Is there a hierarchy of authority within the Godhead? Is the trinity a community?


Blogger Susan said...

I love your art wrt the trinity!

You have androgenous heads to enable people to fill in the blanks. For me there are distinct personalities, 2/3 male+ (+ other wonderful stuff) and 1/3 mystery+ (incl. other wonderful stuff.)

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