Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Trinity - the Son

Sorry I did not post photos or info about week 2 in our Trinity series at the Refuge. We met outside and I set up the (glass) trinity heads on a central round table covered with mirror discs over a black cloth. A votive candle holder beside each head. Heads faced outward. A communion station was nearby. We explored parent God, the Father, our own father images, wounds, hopes, needs. Often our father image needs to be trued up to who God says he is as loving, wise, affectionate, present, attentive, trustworthy parent.

I've posted a set of photos from creative worship stations about Jesus, here. Week 3 was all about Jesus, the Son. Like the people in John 8:25 we ask,
"Just who are you anyway?"

He has many answers for us. The 6 experiential stations let him speak for himself and call for a response from us. Missional, emerging, incarnational--It's all there in him. Jesus hacked that path clear for us way back then. He is the forerunner showing what it means to truly love and what it means to obey God in complete trust in the Father's goodness. Listening to God and doing with him the mysterious revelational redeeming healing work of the kingdom, he send us out to do the same.

Brainstorming, reading, praying, writing and preparing these stations caused gratefulness to well up in me. Jesus really is for me! See what you think. Download the PDFs of all the station guides here. The hard part was condensing an exploration of Jesus into only 6 themes. We will definitely have to revisit the person and mission of Jesus many times. From the feedback I've received, this visit seemed to bring serenity and peace and even unexpected emotion for some. It was strangely quiet and peaceful outside on the patio after all went through. We usually have a bit of chaos and plenty of discussion and laughter. I think people honored the heart of the space in an amazing way.


Blogger kathyescobar said...

jenny, you got some great photos and thanks so much for all of your hard work on this. so many have commented just how great the sacred space was for their hearts...beautiful! some of my time there is still lingering in my heart. thanks.

7:05 AM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

stations take a lot of preparation and collaboration. thankfully you were there, Kathy, to brainstorm, write along with me, and help in so many ways. what a busy week it was!

9:55 AM  

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