Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Sweet eclectic music surprise - house of soul

Was at Jazz@Jack's last night for a performance of At the Table. I was alerted to it on a blog that said, "Making use of great music, video and personal testimony, At the Table remembers the kitchen table experience that MLK had when he says he heard the voice of God and Christ came to him." Although they did not present At the Table last night, we did hear some amazing selections from it by Dave LeMieux and House of Soul. This was undoubtedly some of the finest live music I have heard in Denver. Dave LeMieux is an excellent singer-songwriter and bandleader. From their website:
With a heart for worship and an appreciation for good music, Dave LeMieux & House of Soul bring their own expression of funk, soul, swing, Gospel, jazz and fun to God music.

...toe-tappin’ and head-noddin’ rhythms to celebrate and share the joy, freedom and intimacy found in worship, and to simply have a funky good time.

They deserve to brag about how tight the band is and how talented the vocalists are, but they don't. The standards they perform come across as fresh and dynamic as the original music. I was blown away by a riveting and moving sax solo by Matt White on We Shall Overcome, theme song of the civil rights movement of the 60's. Chris Lang was superb on saxophones, flute, and harmonica. No song was disappointing from the 2 sets we heard. In fact, when we were not nodding our heads with the music, we were catching each other's eye and shaking our heads in amazement at how good this group was. This was nothing short of church, as faith was openly spoken of and the gospel message was woven throughout. This was music you could definitely enter into on different levels.

Curiously, there was a deja vu aspect to last night. I have had several dreams (back as far as 20+ yrs. ago) about church in music clubs and jazz clubs specifically. So, for me this was "dream church" literally!


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