Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Vote No for Tim, Yes for Rhett

The Ohio debate between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama didn't show me much more than how good they both are with rhetoric. We watched it live online and put up with the sudden silent gaps and mismatched sound/visual sync due to streaming. But, the most frustrating aspect for me was Tim Russert of NBC News, who, apparently is taking himself quite seriously as America's watchdog against Clinton. I got the impression he was debating Hillary instead of that being Obama's job. In past speeches I have heard more substance from Clinton than Obama, but like a lot of what Obama says. "Says" vs. "will be able to do" and "how he will do it" is the big question for me. So far I'm not excited about a candidate in either political party. I'm wearing no buttons yet.

Maybe we need someone like the unflappable Rhett Butler, who had a cool head under pressure, could quickly cut through the BS, was good at diplomacy and working a deal, was disgusted with the war, discerned the true character of others and the reality of the situation, and cared about people as individuals rather than perpetuating the prejudices of his day. (Most of society didn't like him at first and certainly wouldn't have voted for him. It was time for a change back then, too.) I think Rhett could do it.


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