Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Having fair skin and growing up in a sunny climate where as kids we were always outdoors, has put me at risk for skin cancer. This is the 2nd episode which has required more than freezing for troublesome spots. I wish I could say I breezed through this one, but there was pain, Tylenol, and crabbiness involved. I also slept in a recliner chair a couple of nights--sort of. Thankful to have gotten my stitches removed today, I can now leave for the homeland looking a little less like Frankenhead. I think I am on the mend and so can focus on getting packed for our GA trip. We are going by car and are taking photos along the way. Our first main stop is to see friends in KC, and hope to tour the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis on the way down or on the way back to CO. This is completely unusual for us. We never slow down or sightsee for any reason (especially when T. drives :) and the trip has always been unbearably long and tiring. It will still be long, but should be more fun. Before that I have to figure out a good system to keep my indoor plants hydrated and fish fed the whole time we are gone, pay bills, do some more clean-up around here and find something to pack a few art supplies in. Leaving means lots of work! I had to get all my graphics finished for the visual pieces for the Easter series at church that begins this weekend. Yesterday we got most of them printed after a few big glitches. I think my Frankenhead gave me Frankenbrain. It should have been easier than it was.

If you have suggestions for things not to miss between CO and GA, please comment.


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