Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Move over kleenex

Move over Kleenex, I'm bringing in the big guns. Returned from the Vitamin Cottage quite a few dollars lighter today. Heard several other people in there asking for info on products to treat colds, coughs, and respiratory crud (exactly the reason I was there asking the same questions.) What we really wanted to know was, "Can anyone or any magical health potion help me because nothing I'm doing is working!!" Vitamins, immune supplements, rest, hydration, tea, extra pillows, the humidifier, etc. have all failed me for the last couple of I'm prowling for new remedies. Pretty desperate-- because I bought stuff even though the knowledgeable employee person said, "Oh, yeah, this is a really tough respiratory thing that hangs on. I've taken everything myself and I've still got it." Hel-looo?!! She still has it and she has taken all these things she is selling me! Well, maybe my stuff is different from her stuff and my stuff will go away when I take this stuff. One of my symptoms is loss of rationality.

Lest you get too concerned, I did put back some of the recommended items and steered myself toward the vitamin enhanced drinks. I found an attractive 32 oz. Glaceau essential orange-c+calcium +7 other vitamins (very healthful looking.) Surely I will feel better now. I just hope all those sleep remedies and ultra lignans and such that I bought come through for me, too.


Blogger the refuge said...

hope you are feeling better! see ya tonight! it will be fun...i hope you can still pull it off. (ps: i like your new picture!) kathy
(my google account is the refuge)

7:16 AM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

thanks, kathy. I plan to be there even if I have to switch to Red Bull. I've missed too much of the fun stuff already- off the map, jim and casper, etc.

12:42 PM  

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