Monday, January 21, 2008

Misc. frozen thoughts

So glad I'm not outside. I don't do cold well. We were in Lafayette earlier and on our way home from our 'house of refuge' stopped by the store for bread and a couple of things. I stayed in the nice warm car listening to the radio while T. ran in. A few minutes later I noticed someone bundled up and briskly walking down the street. I shudder to think of others outside tonight, not just taking a quick walk, but needing to find a warm spot to sleep. It's dangerously cold and not everyone has a home in which to put their groceries away and a thermostat they can adjust like we have and take for granted most days. Here's the forecast for Denver:
snow flurriesLow clouds and intermittent snow flurries will gradually give way to clearing skies. Many areas should see the temperature fall below zero by midnight.

It's 1 degree F (-17 C) right now. Earlier today when it was 8 degrees I took a couple of photos of my patio . Then by contrast, a shot just inside the patio door. Outside was colorless and lifeless. The succulent gardens are numb. poor frozen cactus
poor frozen succulents
frozen patio
plant corner
I usually bring them up to my loft (office) to winter over, but this year there isn't any room. There is more clutter, plus I brought in some plants I started from cuttings from my dad's yard. They have more sentimental value for me. Like the rest of us who live indoors, the plants are doing fine. And I'm hoping the ones I abandoned outside will make a go of it again in a few months. The blackened and weak-looking herbs in the perennial beds will begin to show new growth before it gets warm, but I don't know what will happen to the individuals who will huddle tonight and look for remaining cots or floorspace in downtown shelters. I will be praying for them, but will feel bad that I don't know what else to do this night.

I have been reading some of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s speeches and have heard some sound bites on the radio. This one about radical revolution was posted by Inward/Outward Very timely. See what you think. I grew up in a town where MLK was jailed once and I was sheltered from this fact as well as from his words. I was a late bloomer about civil rights, but some things started to dawn on me when I became a Jesus follower in college. Culture and tradition began to clash with what my heart felt about that new society--the kingdom. I still have a lot to learn.


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hey jenny, i just read the entire radical revolution speech by MLK. i am blown away, consistently, by how powerful his word are and that 40 years later they are just as important to us to listen to, to act on. thanks for sharing. and yes, i am frozen. 6 degrees outside is just not right!!! see ya wednesday....kathy

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