Saturday, January 12, 2008

Okay, I'll take the bait

As if there were not enough quirky facts revealed in the previous post, Kathy has tagged me to share 6 more.

1. I am a fisherperson. I will even sit for hours on the dock at the lake house in GA constantly changing bait on cane poles when the fish are too small to catch. I keep waiting for one of those giant appaloosa catfish monsters to get on my line, but would not consider cleaning one if I caught it. I still have a scar from a small catfish's fin from a Florida beach trip in my teens (see photo at left.) Would like to learn fly-fishing, but don't want to walk through the brush and possibly encounter a snake. That is heart attack material.

2. I am seriously tree deprived. I drive around my flatland northeast Denver suburb (i.e. prairie) and wonder what happened to all the trees. I just can't get the fact that they were never here before the houses came. I am an obsessive gardener, adding growing things each year to my little patch of clay ground, but I have to practically wear a haz-mat suit to counter the sun and allergies. Very cute.

3. I love beauty and order. I never seem to have that for more than a few days at my house.I don't have a handle on the domestic engineer thing. I have a fridge magnet that says, "housework makes you ugly." I love to help others with interior design, but I cannot personally get into my own loft to work because of the clutter.

4. I never babysat, never had siblings, never thought I would be married or have children. Knew I would not have boys. (Eeooh. They pee in the yard.) Have 3 boys. They peed in the yard. I love them dearly. They are wonderful (and all grown up; the yard is safe.)

5. For several years I played tennis every single day. My favorite tennis buddy went pro. Instead I became a professional art student, putting in years of over-nighters on projects that are now stuffed under the guest bed in my mom's house. I still have 2 pinhole cameras I made and hope to use them again one day.

6. My favorite lunch is a vegetable plate. Fried okra, squash casserole, and cornbread make me happy. Sweet tea comforts me. I also like French cooking, and my newest favorite is Thai--spicy eggplant with chicken--yumm.

I tag Sharon, Lilly, and anyone who's reading who wants to play. This is your tag. Here are the rules:
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I have a lot of friends who don't blog, so your first tag is to get a blog going!


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