Monday, August 27, 2007

Word in Art

Our Artists Showcase, Word in Art, sponsored by the refuge turned out to be a great evening of sights, sounds, and moving moments. We had around 35 participants in categories of sights (visual art), stage (music, dance, film--even martial arts), and statements (writing pieces.) I have been working since May on graphics for printed pieces, applications, programs, etc. and encouraging people to enter the event. It was so fun to see the variety of work presented. I used the event date as a goal to produce new paintings to enter, too. I showed 5 abstract paintings, one figurative symbolic work, and photographs in addition to installing a meditation garden on site at the event. Details, details, details to tend to behind the scenes. The last couple of weeks found me fighting a heat wave in Denver, finishing and getting my paintings framed, sanding and painting old doors, and gathering materials for the meditation garden.

my friend and #1 art-hanging-helper, Amy, and me in front of our work

My husband, Tom's, video
being shown

a viewer in front of a
wall of doors

friends chill in the meditation garden

One of my favorite moments was when Largressa pulled Sage up on stage and he rolled with it, singing along to "Can't Give Up Now." Her gospel styling really revved up the house. I think each person probably had their own favorite moment, performance or art piece. Thanks to all who supported me before and during the event. You are the greatest.


Blogger the refuge said...

loved the night. it was beautiful, diverse, fun, and moving. thanks, jenny, for all the ways you made it come together. i really believe giving everyone a chance to express what God has put in hearts in such a tangible way multiplies glory, beauty, ya kathy
ps: my log in on blogger is attached to the refuge, sorry

8:24 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

thanks, Kathy, and thanks for all the help and encouragement. I do think some cool things happened. I wish we could have videoed some of it.

10:20 PM  

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