Saturday, July 28, 2007

Not this torchwood

Just found out today that there is a British TV show called Torchwood. A sci-fi spin-off of Doctor Who. Didn't know about it before. If you google "torchwood", you do not get this blog! I've seen it described as dark, clever, sexy. (Not this blog, the TV series!)
I think I'll just stick to DVD rentals of the 5 seasons of Alias for my fix of suspense and spy activity. Sydney Bristow is not fighting aliens, but is in a cosmic sort of battle against evil. You know I love the spiritual parallel there.

Another new insight: sea torchwood (Amyris elemifera L., Rutaceae) is a coastal plant that grows in Florida. It has interesting properties and several beneficial uses, including fuel, furniture-making, fragrance, and antibacterial activity. It is durable and repellent to termites. This more closely fits my original idea that we are all torchwood (when yielded to the Creator.)
photo:david lee, fl intl. univ


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