Saturday, December 16, 2006

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These are some of the things we came up with at our group that are simple gifts to us.

a great writing pen
wonderful paper
a warm bed with an electric blanket
a warm rice bag (that you heat in the microwave)
receiving an unexpected package
a good laugh
my favorite magazine arriving in the mail
clean sheets
a clean house
a clean house that someone else cleaned for me
getting a text message from my spouse in the middle of the day
a worship song--the right one at the right time
having one on one time with my child
sharing hearts with a good talk
sleeping in instead of getting up to exercise
getting a hug from my kid
sitting on the dock at the lake fishing
good coffee
good chowder on the ferry in Seattle
good barbeque in a barbecue joint down south
lying in the grass looking at the night sky
looking at the mountains
a beautiful view of the mountains, sky, and moon in the morning
good potpourri
candle light
a good book
good pizza
a walk on the beach at the edge of the water
wonderful lotion
babies' laughter
my son's laughter
getting a hug from my mom and dad
reconciliation with my children (especially at their initiation)
a 'Thank You' from my children
receiving a genuine compliment from an unexpected source
a drive through the mountains in the spring or fall
the color of blue which touches your soul--deep cobalt or ultramarine
the color black (esp. for clothing)
a good glass of wine
the smell of Cottonwoods in the fall
the smell of rain
the smell of evergreens
the smell of a bookstore
the smell of a library
Christmas lights
watching the snow with my family when I don't have to go out in it to work
Sunday morning with the newspaper and a good cup of coffee and program on TV
unexpectedly coming across a new book by my favorite author
a good piece of clothing that fits just right
comfy warm socks
seeing horses running
riding horses
camping and sitting by a campfire
watching an aquarium
flowers--blooming ones and bouquets of beautiful flowers
the smell of fresh herbs--especially basil
listening to a fountain
walking barefoot in grass the first time in the season
my dog when he's happy to see me
the gift of prayer--receiving it

What other things would you add?

I'll start:
golden light on trees and buildings in the late afternoon
hearing a favorite song on the radio



Blogger soul and culture said...

This is a great exercise. I'll add a few:
- being really listened to
- going somewhere and being truly welcomed there
- a walk on the beach at sunrise or sunset
- hearing my 18 month old niece say, "I love Amy! I do!"
- receiving a hand written note in the mail
- having my photographs turn out exactly as I hoped

9:41 AM  
Blogger Susan said...

An entire night of philosphy and debate, accompanied by much laughter and a great meal,
I Love Lucy,
A lake and shore, in the morning, with no one else around,
The stars at 3:00 a.m., just as the sky turns a shade of blue that you have to see to know.

7:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, I'll add some of mine. The first ones might sound a bit cynical but, believe me, they're heartfelt and very sincere!

a toilet that flushes and doesn't leak!
brushing my teeth with tap water
bug-free kitchens
trash-free ground

hearing news from afar!
time to visit my friend's blog
being in the same location as my children
worshipping Jesus with about 6,000 poeple from all over the globe

an unexpected gift from my husband
a cup of Earl Grey tea in a bone china cup whilst sitting in a garden with a nearby fountain gently gurgling
almost any tea, anytime, anywhere!

warm, white sand seeping up through my toes
a deep blue, cerulean blue ocean
waking up to the gentle sound of waves visiting the shore

birds singing their "dawn is breaking!" choruses
tracing the source of a fragrance to a little blossom hidden amongst the leaves on a branch of a grand tree

live music at an outdoor cafe in the cool of the evening

sale shopping with my daughter!
laughing with my boys until my belly aches!

time to sit and listen to the sounds I never take the time to hear

Thanks, Jenny, for this great exercise!

4:35 PM  
Blogger soul and culture said...

- coming home to find that my neighbor had shoveled my driveway.
- pulling my down comforter out of the dryer right before bedtime.

9:02 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

I noticed my former comment didn't show up. Thanks everyone and let's keep the list going.

12:12 PM  

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