Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Pain and gain

"There are places in the heart that do not exist.
Before they can be, pain must be

Are we willing to feel the pain we must experience to have those places in our hearts? It's a necessary part of growing up, no matter what age we finally begin to do that.

Am I willing to allow what might happen to myself and others (especially my kids) when the protections and anesthetics are removed and they have to learn to balance their emotion and their intellect for themselves? Can I really control anything anyway, even for myself?


Blogger Susan said...

Well, God does this with us. He lets us screw up and find out the hard way - and isn't he the ultimate parent? The example for us to follow?

It is a difficult thing for us humans to take that risk. It takes a great deal of courage and trust. We have to be brave enough to put things in the hands of the only One who has control, and we have to trust enough that He always has our best interests in mind (and also the best interests of our children) no matter what the potential outcome is.

But the hardest thing of all is to give up our illusion of control - that we're the ones who are holding things together for our children (especially once they get older.) When I found myself in this position I asked, "Who will teach him if I'm not around to do the job?" God's response, "Life will teach him."

And that, my friend, is straight from the mouth of the Lord. I found great comfort in those words.

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