Saturday, June 03, 2006

Contemplative youth/everyone ministry (part 3)

Jesus lives as if there is a boundless, shameless love present and available within every moment. His life is rooted in an unseen world more spacious and forgiving than the harried world most of us inhabit. Jesus lives a life that is grounded in love. Within the reality of God's love, people and situations appear different to Jesus. His eyes and ears notice things others seem unable to perceive. Through the presence of God's love, Jesus is able to feel and respond to the inner truth of each situation.
Mark Yaconelli
(Contemplative Youth Ministry, chap. 4,
Becoming a good receiver)

How would our lives be different if we deliberately practiced receiving God's love into the depths of our being?


Blogger Susan said...

I wonder if we approached people as students, yearning to learn what we can from each other and searching for the best in people rather than picking at this and that - how enriched we would be?

If we could just set ourselves aside, or at the very least, put ourselves at the same baseline as others, what could we see from that perspective?

What if we prayed for those we did not respect? What if we tried to find a quality in that person that we could aspire to? Would our perspective change?

God rains on everyone equally. He gifts us equally, provides equally - He loves us all. If we want to be like Him we need to look at each other the way He looks at us. He sees something worthwile. Let's find it in each other.

This isn't just a "nice' posting. Do it! It's not as hard as you think it is. It's simply a matter of will. Who's in control of yours?

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