Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Tired but thankful

There's so much to write about, but I've been needing a few more winks of sleep and waiting for a couple extra ounces of energy. Hopefully I can adress some topics bit by bit because I'm getting behind! I want to talk about The Secret Message of Jesus, the Mark Yaconelli conference, and some recent group experiences, so stay tuned.

In the previous post I shared about the worship/prayer experience I helped to craft. It was good to hear the responses about how it touched people. I feel so glad to have a part in helping someone along on a healing journey, ministering freedom, igniting passion for God, or creating an atmosphere where hearts can open. What's cool for me right now is to have places where that's possible. It is a healing thing for me to be invited to artistically express worship within community. So even before I knew of any impact it had, I was simply thankful for the opportunity to be involved.


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