Sunday, May 14, 2006

Drop the rocks

What is weighing down your backpack of life?

This evening I took part in a service at the Refuge to help people jettison their burdens and find freedom. Kathy shared her story (powerful!) and used the metaphor of a super-hero backpack full of rocks that got lighter with healing from God and supportive community. I put together my first powerpoint slideshow using the phrase Drop the rocks and float to the surface. Everyone's chair had a rock on it and Kathy invited them to drop their rock (and their burden) into a tub of water on the way to the communion table, where we celebrated what Jesus has done for us, paying the price, bearing our sins and burdens. On the table was a container with rocks, water, and floating candles, symbolizing the triumph of the light over our "rocks."







We ended with a celebration for Kathy, whose birthday falls on this day (Mother's Day!) A fitting picture of the redemption in the full circle of her story.

more from me later about this event...


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