Friday, March 03, 2006

Groovin' with the Lamb (IH-2)

(IH-2 or It Happened #2) Another time of gathering to experience God in the company of others. (see IH-1 in Feb. 23 post) One new face was added this week and it was amazing, yet again, how things gelled in spite of being in the awkward, stumbling phase of a just-beginning group with only a vague idea of where we are going and what it will look like. However, newness is exciting and people's hearts and hopes seem to be connecting.

I talked more than I wanted to in facilitating the group. I came with not so much of an agenda as an idea for some participatory worship and then a practical outflow discussion afterwards. We had gaps of silence while listening and processing as well as streams of response and conversation.

I read the Col.1 passage from the Message (see my Feb. 24 post.) Our worship soundtrack was Moving With the Lamb (Rita Springer) which played through twice so we could absorb the lyrics:

I'm moving with the Lamb, moving with the Lamb,
I'm surrounded. I'm strolling with the Lamb,
strolling with the King of Kings.
Stepping with the Lamb, stepping over my sins.
I am dressed in a holy robe...
and I drink from the holy cup of God.
I'm surrounded.

Thought about moving with the Lamb of God and also about being his little lamb; surrounded by Him. Had the lamb picture set up with a gold tassled 'robe' and silver cup and candles. Placed a different fabric 'robe/shawl/veil' around each woman's shoulders during the song as a symbol of being surrounded in Him. Then a chance to reflect and share and pray. I read from an article about Katrina relief and Christian volunteers and the impact on the local community--as a practical example of God's surrounding care in the natural physical realm. Hoped to have more discussion from that about how we have experienced being surrounded in different ways, spiritually and practically. We did talk about responding to God's prompting to be involved in the world in ways where His love could flow outward from us. Each person received a bookmark with the lamb picture as a final song by Kirk Franklin (Will You Hold Me Now?) played.

Feedback from some in the group pointed to the worship experience as being very meaningful. One person reported to have actually felt warmth and God's care for her when the robe was placed on her shoulders. The final song seemed to have reaffirmed God's love even more. Someone else became aware of how she takes God and His love for granted.

I expect each time we meet to be a little different. As people feel more free to share and 'bring something' to the group (i.e. poem, song, picture, etc.) there should be more of a flow. I'm looking forward to 'pressing in' to the Presence together and having some lively discussion.


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