Monday, March 20, 2006

Brain freeze

If we only use a small portion of our brain capacity, why does it hurt so much to learn new technology? Isn't there lots of brain power available? OK, I know that the under 30 crowd doesn't deal with this, but it's hard for me to learn tech skills if they are not intuitive. In designing print media I can drag objects around and place them on the page. In styling a page for the web, a blog, etc. I have to learn a completely new language that makes little sense to me. I work in a supposed WYSWYG (what you see is what you get) software program and it doesn't exactly work that way! The last week or so I have been trying to understand CSS (style sheets that set visual presentation)--going through tutorials, creating a test site, uploading photos to Flickr, etc. in order to increase my web design abilities. My brain is tired and I need a breakthrough. If only I shared my loft office with a couple of other designer/web savvy types, how much quicker I could get over the brain freeze, pick up the skills, make corrections, and actually get it! We could even laugh our way through the problems and collaborate on projects. I am so looking forward to seeing my friend this week who can listen to my frustrations and shed light on the dark places in my process.

Isn't that they way it works in life, too? I have skills in one area and you have them in another. When we add our ideas together we get a bigger picture (and a better product.) I hit the wall and I need someone to shed light on this dark place. Maybe you are a good listener who can help me process.You point me to truth. You need someone to make you laugh, ease your stress, and help you gain new perspective. I hang out with you and am there for you. There are times when we shop, cook, watch a movie, or pray together. The icy patches begin to thaw. We gain traction and are able to pull out of our rut and gain momentum.

I am surrounded by books, definitive guides, tutorials, and coffee cups. It's just not the same as having someone near by with whom to tackle a problem or snag.


Blogger Susan said...

You must have been reading my mind (or lip synching it!). I was thinking how much better it would be for us to be in the same place, learning together. Blast geography!

10:04 PM  
Blogger linda said...

so, i was reading a rick joyner book, "the torch and the sword" and i came across something that really stood out to me in terms of how much MORE we are/do/accomplish when we work in unity with others...when we bring one part and they bring the other. god is talking about the torches that he gives people to bear (light in the world) both now and in the past...he calls the people who answer the call torchbearers...

"after each of the torchbearers departed the earth, they left their mantles of authority to be picked up by the others. These have been divided just as Mine was at the cross. When one has a part of a mantle which comes together with one who has another part, their authority will be magnified...It is true that spiritual authority multiplies with unity. The unity that these last days messengers of power walk in will multiply the authority of the mantles they carry. The earth has never seen anything like what I am about to release through these messengers."

As for your CSS learning...i have learned a little about them and would be happy to exchange the knowledge the i have...i built the website, with style sheets...the images change because of the style sheet and not because i call a new page (if that makes any sense). I just built a new website yesterday...i'm really pleased with the artistic design of it. it is

Do you know anything about flash?

12:14 AM  
Blogger Sharon said...

All of that techical talk leaves me in the dust, but I do understand the need we have for one another. Even in prayer -- when I lack faith in some area, you lift up my prayers to the Father for me. And I for you, when you are tired of praying the same way with what seems to be silence as His only response.
My technical needs are simple but impossible, today, it would seem. I just want to add photos to my blog. So I was thinking, before I came to this blog, I need Jenny RIGHT HERE!

3:05 AM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

linda: your new site is very nice looking! sorry I don't know enough about flash to help you, but check out tutorials and articles at and one note of response-i wanted to know who the wewas in the about section.

this blog is named torchwood because we are made of the stuff to become living torches. we need the spark (which we can help to provide each other) to fan into flame to light the world. i am thankful that some of this that can happen virtually 'cause i don't always have my community face to face. we must find ways to come together as joyner talks about.

sharon; prayer is certainly not hampered or diluted by distance, but i sure miss last year's regular times together! about pics-you may want to upload to where you can choose different sizes and they provide you the correct link address to insert for each. you might also size your picture down (and resample to resolution of 72) in a photo program) before you upload to blogger or flickr. makes the whole process faster.

1:44 PM  
Blogger linda said...

The 'we' on my new web site i guess refers directly to the 3 of us that formed the non-profit: Eric Payne, David Wallace and me. However, indirectly is refers to all of us here locally that share the same vision. We are pretty networked with people and intercessors in the area that are waiting for revival and seeing prayer as the precursor...people with a heart for a house of prayer here on the northern front range. I am meeting tomorrow with a guy who quit his job in December in response to a call from the Lord and is working on starting a house of prayer in Longmont. I have also been emailing with a girl who just returned to Fort Collins after an internship at IHOP and is also interested in a house of prayer. We have the prayer site up and running for the kids at USC in Los Angeles and may be creating one for UCLA and another school. Its been pretty exciting and a lot of work...but so great to see burning hearts on fire in this younger generation...

9:37 PM  

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