Friday, February 24, 2006

Holding it together

Was struck by what I read this morning. Here's a snippet:

From beginning to end he's there,
towering far above everything, everyone.
So spacious is he, so roomy,
that everything of God finds its proper place
in him without crowding.
Not only that,
but all the broken and dislocated pieces
of the universe--people and things, animals and atoms--
get properly fixed and fit together in vibrant harmonies,
all because of his death,
his blood that poured down from the cross.

Lingering over each idea in this small slice of Col. 1 (from the Message) I get something. A reassuring, comforting something that I needed. I find myself turning these phrases into a prayer for my children; then other people come to mind and there is a specific focus for each from the few deeply simple lines above. In Alanon they say, "Take what you need, and leave the rest." About these verses, I say, "Take what you need, and save the rest (for later.)" No further comments from me so that you can linger and get something you need.


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