Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I once bought a book called, Huddle Up, just because I liked the title. (It was about creating family unity.) I also like what Susan has to say about the huddle, as she calls it. "We have to focus on what is constant and let that sustain us and steady us through the turmoil." Seems that it is about reconnecting with what is central in order to become stronger for the rest of life. Takes guts and wisdom usually, but sometimes there may be no other choice.

When you re-group, cocoon, or power down, it's for a purpose--to power up again. I would ask, "Who's in your huddle?" Besides God and me, I want those who speak life and truth to me, those who I trust, who pray for me and with me, and those with whom I let down and share a sustained belly laugh. What good gifts they are to my health, peace, and progress, at just the right time.


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