Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Huddle

Torchwood was started as a group blog for a women's leadership team. This post is by Susan:

In order to operate from a place of fullness and strength rather than from a deficit, we may have to go into a "huddle" and gather or renew our forces. I think that's what some of us have been doing in one way or another these past four months.

For me, I had to get my house in order. It was falling apart through illness and inattention, not to mention blatant attacks. I had to make a conscious decision to put my eyes back on my Guide and then repair my foundations so that I could step out again in strength and reconnect with His flawless plan. It is so easy to allow ourselves to be distracted by the "interrupts" because they can often seem like the top priority. We become reactive - jerked around. This is not a position of power. We have to focus on what is constant and let that sustain us and steady us through the turmoil.

Some don't understand the huddle. I had one friend who became very upset with me because she wanted my help and I could not help her from the position of my deficit. I had to choose, and so I did according to the priorities I knew were the proper ones, although it appeared I was being uncaring. A wonderful friend once told me, "A need is not a call". We can't fix everything. We have to trust that there is One who is in control of everything and He will have it covered.

But, during the huddle it is muy importante to "tawlk" with the other members of your core, to hold each other up and encourage each other, and to hear different perspectives so that we don't grow blinders. Easy to do with those who understand the huddle. Hard to do with those who don't - who will want more than you can give while your head is down.


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