Friday, December 30, 2005

The last four. . .

Do you ever have a question like "What happened to the last four months of my life?"
More like, "What's happened in the last four months of my life?"
Must be something because I haven't blogged in all that time. I can list some big events and think of reasons (excuses?) for not taking time to write, but hopefully the people who care already know and have been involved with me during these past months. I'm just talking about day to day life happening--which is the real thing!

I'm sad that a formerly close friend hasn't connected with me in this amount of time. Hasn't returned my calls and is on a life-defining change of course. I'm not saying this is good or bad for her, just that I miss journeying together. Her marriage and her world are changing and we haven't shared dialogue about it during the process. Kind of shakes me.

For me there has been a major event: my son's wedding. Also health issues for me and career issues for my husband have been stealing our attention. But I still want to journey together with others. Let's tawlk! (southern)


Blogger Susan said...

I never miss an invitation to Tawk (NY). You have been missed ...

2:05 PM  

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