Monday, June 06, 2005


Torchwood was started as a group blog for a women's leadership team. This post is by Susan:

Lately I've been thinking alot about depth of experience. Skimming versus exploration. I've been thinking alot about vigor.

Vigor is defined by Merriam-Webster as "active healthy well-balanced growth" and "intensity of action or effect". It surprised me that the definition of vigor included "balance". In my off-the-cuff mind (in skimming mode, of course), vigor is all about strength and force. How intriguing to think about vigor in the context of balance, and, quite frankly, how efficient!

What is the use of strength without focus? There is waste without thoughtful direction. As one prone to impulsive outbursts of passion, I realize it's not just the passion that counts, but the planning and preparation of the landing spot.

I detest skimming, but it's been my mode of operation. I thought it had to be that way, after all, there is only so much time in a day. But I lie to myself because I am making a choice. I am the object of a thousand demands, intrigues, stimuli, emotional tugs. I feel it is a requirement - out of my control - that I must respond. I do not separate them and examine them in my own time, space and cadence. I am unwilling to be the captain of my own ship!

Count to ten, or two thousand and twenty-seven, and direct your passion. Go deep and test it out. You will learn something, a million things, new. Then go wide. Savor the experience by being vigorously present for every moment. There are worlds to be discovered if we can just be quietly intentional. We might even find humility, which waits undercover.

Hey! I'm doing it!


Blogger Jennifer said...

I liked what you said about balance, force with focus, and discovering the new in a wise manner.

3:21 PM  

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