Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Shape Up…or Down

Deepen. Stretch out. Hold fast. Let go. Stay flexible.

Our shape changes in the process of the squeezing, the extracting, and the giving out. We become vessel, not just a dried out empty skin. (As Susan said: "we have surely taken a new shape. Ready for the next pressing.") We are vessels ready for filling again. It is promised to us. What we give out will come back to us, even more so. I've been checking out verses which mention filling or being filled. So many wonderful things are talked about. Things which bring life and vigor come from Him who is the fullness of all.

I want to increasingly be able to embrace the new. The new that is real, and not just a distraction from the real. My capacity to grow in knowledge, experience, and understanding must and will expand as I become vigorous, inwardly and outwardly. Going deep with God, being strengthened to hold fast to truth about him, about life and his ways, somehow provides the framework for a broader, fuller way of doing life.


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